An amazing place to work

Join us in improving elderly people’ health and happiness so they can live longer, happier lives. There will be several chances for professional and career development.

You enjoy many competitive benefits and reward schemes when working with Passion Tree Care Services;

CQC Approved Training

To help you build your abilities and knowledge for exceptional practises, we’ll provide you with ongoing induction training and coaching.

Flexible Work-life balance

We’ll give you options for flexible employment and time management skills to assist you manage and balance your home and work lives.


If you meet the requirements, you will automatically enrol in the company’s pension  scheme with an employer contribution.

Wellness & Wellbeing

We’ll work to ensure your welfare by providing you with access to a variety of healthcare advice and support lines and a well-organized supervision programme.


With the option to get compensation and higher income, we provide a tempting holiday allowance.

Competitive Pay and Rates

We’ll reward with competitive rate of pay including statutory sick, maternity and paternity pay in line with current regulations.

Return To Work Opportunity (Carers Break)

We recognize that life’s challenges sometimes necessitate taking a career break. This is especially prevalent in industries like caregiving, where compassion fatigue and burnout are common occurrences. We understand the human aspect of your journey, and we are dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition back into your professional role or a new career path in the care sector. Our commitment extends beyond mere employment; we prioritize your health and mental well-being every step of the way.

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Apprenticeship and Internship Programs

Become Care Worker Level 2 Qualified

Welcome to our Apprenticeship and Internship Programs, where learning meets opportunity. These programs are designed to provide hands-on experience and valuable mentorship within the richly rewarding world of the Care Sector. Our programs offer a dynamic learning environment tailored to your specific needs and areas you are seeking development and expertise. Join us as we pave the way for the next generation of leaders, helping you build the skills and confidence necessary for success.

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We believe in Equality

Passion Tree Care Services makes sure that no job applicant or employee is subjected to less-than-favorable treatment because of their age, sex, gender, disability, nationality, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marital status, status as a part of a civil partnership, or status as a transgender person, or because of conditions or requirements that are not necessary for performing the job.

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Call us today on 01375 506042 for a chat about the several career opportunities at Passion Tree Care Services. You may request a callback and we’ll call you back to walk you through your options..

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