Respite Care

Respite home care aims to enable individuals to take a much-needed break and relief from demanding caregiving for an elderly, ageing, or sick family member. Furthermore, it is also meant to prevent a crisis for the family carer, as well as the care recipient. It is designed in a way to ensure the well-being of not only the family carer but also the whole family.
Respite home care becomes imperative in an emergency, in order to prevent the situation from getting any worse. In case the family member providing care gets ill and cannot provide care for other reasons, emergency respite at home becomes imperative.
It helps to de-stress, restore your energy, prevent exhaustion or burnout, and promote balance in your life. Respite home care can also benefit the person you’re caring for, and it also provides them with a change of routine and stimulation.

Why Choose Passion Tree Care Services?

With Passion Tree Care Services, you get the most qualified carers who are devoted to serving our service users. We make sure that the client’s daily routine is maintained, and that they are also able to lead an independent lifestyle – while you can take a few days off or cater to other commitments!

Respite Home Care

What services Does Respite Home Care Include?

Our respite care services include numerous tasks / options; ranging from personal care, light domestic work (cleaning, dusting, laundry, sweeping, washing up), and fresh meal preparation.

We support our client’s meal preparation and feeding, giving importance to their cultural and medical needs, as well as any special diets they might have.

Our carers will ensure all the important groceries are available at home, and if not, they will not hesitate in going out for grocery shopping!
Furthermore, we make sure our client’s personal needs are also being catered to. Our respite care service plan includes showering, teeth cleaning, shaving, cream application, dressing, grooming, and much more.

We also provide medication assistance to our clients. We make sure we provide medication administration support, we also ensure safe storage and where necessary arrange for fresh supplies from the pharmacy.

Apart from the important everyday tasks and errands, our carers also serve as good companions. Services can sometimes feel lonely or anti-social. This is when respite care becomes necessary and that’s when our respite carers come into play and make sure your loved one is no longer at risk of loneliness or isolation.

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How Good Are Our Respite Care Staff?

We have greatly invested time and dedication into our team. We only select those individuals as respite carers who reflect our mission and vision.

Our well-trained staff will make sure everything is being looked after, and that all of your loved one’s needs are being catered – so you don’t have to worry about anything while you’re away.

We make sure our client is being valued here at Passion Tree Care Services. This is why we make sure and carefully monitor whether your loved one is being looked after with care and whether the carer has formed a supportive and loving relationship with your loved one as well.

We support our carers with constant ongoing feedback. We make sure they have formed a positive relationship with your loved one while providing them with respite care services. Now you can be carefree and go on a holiday or run other important errands while our dedicated and trustworthy respite team stays back to care for your beloved family member.

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Is the Respite Care plan fixed or flexible?

We always put our clients first, and our client’s satisfaction is our motivation. We try our best to cater to all of our client’s needs for maximum satisfaction. This is why we have a very flexible plan when it comes to providing respite care.

Every individual’s needs are different. We plan and schedule according to your, and your beloved’s needs. Our plan will include a detailed description and schedule that will only be based on our client’s needs and preferences. We will make sure our client’s needs are being catered to first, and then the rest of the plan is being made.

We will go at our client’s pace, and will always put them first. This is because here at Passion Tree Care Services, our aim is to address our client’s needs in the fastest possible manner. Moreover, we also believe in quality first.

Therefore, we will provide you and your loved one with a flexible home respite care plan, and will keep your preferences in our planning and delivery process.

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Can Respite Care be at Our Home?

Yes! Our devoted and trained staff will be available at your home whenever you need your beloved family member to be looked for and taken care of. Whether it’s only for a few hours, or a few days, we will aim to care and look after your loved one while you will be away.

Respite care for elderly parents is suitable if you need to go out of the house to run errands or other important commitments and you have to leave the elderly or even your ageing parents behind.

Our staff will support the client’s meal preparing, cleaning, grooming, laundry, day-to-day tasks, and medical assistance at your home. Moreover, your loved ones will also feel more comfortable with respite at home as they are being taken care of by our supporting staff at their own homes!

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