Personal Care

As adults age, they struggle to get simple everyday tasks done by themselves. This is when Passion Tree Care Services comes in, with numerous services aimed at the elderly or senior citizens, who need help and assistance in everyday life.


Who is Personal Care Aimed At?

Personal Care is specifically aimed at those senior citizens, or adults, who need assistance in everyday tasks. For example, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, or even medical assistance.

When adults struggle with simple everyday tasks, this is when Passion Tree Care Services’ personal care comes in to help. A carer will come in to assist the adult with tasks like preparing meals and even taking care of their personal grooming and hygiene.

Moreover, a carer can even run everyday small errands, like going out shopping to get necessities, and even provide medical assistance to those who struggle with walking around the house themselves or remembering their medication schedule.


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What Services Are Included in Personal Care?

Carers at Passion Tree Care Services provide personal care services to its customers. 

Personal care services include washing, which includes strip wash, bathing, and shower. Carers also provide personal hygiene care for the adults by helping them in the shaving of the face using an electric shaver or a shaving stick, cleaning of teeth or dentures, and cream application as well. 

Personal grooming care for the elderly is also taken care of by the carers and includes washing, brushing/combing of hair, dressing,

catheter bags and changing night and day bags as required, emptying/changing colostomy bags, and even assisting to use the toilet emptying commode.

Carers at Passion Tree Care Services support other tasks like light domestics  in addition to personal care assistance. Our personal care assistants are professionally trained to administer  or prompt medication. 

As adults age, they often experience circumstances that can lead them to feel lonely or isolated. Whether the reason for it may be because of the children moving out, passing of a friend or spouse, limited mobility, seniors can lose those social interactions they had once enjoyed. Thus, this can result in loneliness and isolation as well. Thus, personal care for the elderly is not only limited to everyday errands at Passion Tree Care Services- carers form great companionship, so no elderly have to feel this way ever again.

Although personal care matters, at times, can be difficult and awkward for a close family member or friend to carry out, it is much easier for a trained carer who is accustomed to supporting personal care to step in and help. Carers become a regular friendly face offering gentle encouragement, and even an extra source of support.

The elderly personal care plan also includes assistance in getting dressed, applying makeup when necessary, and also getting their hair done. They will also help in changing continence pads, stoma bags, along with cleaning intimate areas. Moreover, they will help support moving position in bed, to stretch and prevent bedsores. Meal preparation and feeding are also done by the carers, with respect to each elderly’s cultural and medical needs, as well as special diets.


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Can the Personal Care Plan Be Designed With Respect to Each Person’s Needs and Preferences?

Carers at Passion Tree Care Services work to each elderly’s regular routines, ensuring that support is tailored to each individual’s specific requirements. A professional and trained carer will offer distinct and personalised professional personal care in the way that will be most comfortable to each client. The personal care plan is flexible and person centric  thus ensuring the adults unique needs areparamount.

In getting to know the elderly, each personal care plan will outline the likes and dislikes, the hygiene or beauty products they want to use, and what they feel most comfortable with. Specific tasks, such as cutting nails, shaving, and diabetic foot care, will be outlined in each support plan with specific instructions for each carer. Moreover, each carer is professionally trained to provide personal care assistance to every elderly- respectful of each individual’s personal boundaries.

Just like all forms of care Passion Tree Care Services provides, support with personal care is built completely around each individual needs and personal routines. This flexible personal care assistance plan will let things go their way- the elderly will not have to follow a strict timetable. For instance, if an individual likes to wash before breakfast or have a bath before going to bed, the carer will happily follow the schedule, letting the individual live the way they want.

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Will the Elderly Become Dependent on Personal Care?

A common misconception of personal care is that the elderly can become too dependent on the carer for even simple tasks. However, carers at Passion Tree Care Services will always give each adult space whenever they want it and encourage their independence wherever they can. Passion Tree Care Services gives full autonomy to our clients. Each staff and carer undergoes extensive training where they learn the importance of enabling each elderly’s dignity and independence at all times. We always work towards achieving the goals of all adults we support

They provide their elderly with an environment that is collaborative, as well as a support system that decreases dependence. Moreover, the personal care plan is designed in a way that allows the elderly to be more proactive as they can in their everyday lives.

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What Are the Two Types of Personal Care Provided by Passion Tree Care Services?

When opting for personal care, individuals have the option of either a visiting carer or live-in care. A visiting carer will visit at set times of the day or even overnight. Live-in care, on the other hand, lets the carer live with the elderly at home and provide them 24-hour care. In-home care is the best option for those who require ongoing support!

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