Live In Care

What is a live in care service?

A live in care service involves the assistance of a 24/7 professional care worker who lives with the client. The 24/7 availability of an in-home care ensures a continuous provision of tailored care for the adult in their own home which is a familiar environment. A live in carer is always a good company for clients who are lonely and want to be cared for from the comfort of their own homes.

We as elderly care providers understand the current pandemic. Plus, we are with the view that a live in care provider means you can have the type of care that ensures better interactions by family members with the service user viz a viz a care home.
Moreover, a 24/7 live-in carer ensures the adult remains in their own home and emotional ties with the house and neighbourhood are maintained. This means neighbours and friends can become involved and this ensures a better state of mind for the adult. Live in care is also highly cost-effective and has been shown to be cheaper than going into a care home.

Why live in care service?

The reason why you should choose a live in care service over other alternatives is that it’s highly cost-effective. It gives you the assurance of a dedicated carer who is available 24/7 and who allows you to be flexible in choosing how you want to be cared for.

Also, maintaining your lifestyle becomes easier. So, a live in carer is the perfect choice for those who want to be independent and have their care needs fulfilled from the comfort of their homes.

A qualified and dedicated live in carer with extensive knowledge and a good level of experience in elderly care not only provides you quality care, but is constantly making efforts to help you reduce dependence on others for your care needs.

Are the caregivers in the live in care service qualified?

All our carers are highly qualified. You’re invited to view the profiles and check the background of a professional live in carer and then proceed with your decision.

You may also request replacing a carer if you feel that your needs are not being addressed in a suitable way. At Passion Tree Care Services, your aspirations and preferences are priority.

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Live In Elderly Carers… Are They Really Trustworthy?

The in home caregiver service is highly trustworthy. They all go through DBS and other checks to ensure their suitability for the role. They are usually trained and aware of the ethics of the industry

Our live in elderly carers will constantly make endeavors to build trust and rapport with the adult via open communication. Your issues and the needs resulting from those issues would be identified in a proactive manner. All your preferences will be fed into your care plan which is then reviewed periodically to ensure its usefulness.

Our Carers will build trust and rapport with clear communication.

What are the various services a live-in carer provides?

The live-in carer with a 24/7 availability allows you to benefit from multiple services.

The carer pays great attention to detail and is always concerned with the management of your personal care. Personal care may involve changing clothes, cleaning sheets, and taking care of personal hygiene. Your hygiene will be monitored 24/7. People with extensive care needs could be helped with it.

In addition to the above, your diet and nutrition are also taken seriously. A balanced and healthy diet will ensure that your body achieves good health. The live in caregiver will provide your elderlies a diet to follow so that they can embark on their journey to recovery with good confidence.

The emotional and mental aspect of care is also not overlooked. With companionship and support, the live in carers are always looking at your emotional needs and making sure that you have a healthy emotional state.

You’ll be talked to about your personal problems. The carer may also encourage you to transmute your emotions positively by engaging in creative activities. Plus, isolation is a common issue among a large number of adults requiring care. So, your emotional and mental state is of primary importance in our live in care plan preparation.

You’ll also be helped with shopping if you have a live in carer at your service. Shopping for grocery items, and other materials becomes easier as the carer is assisting you to manage house chores.

Also, you can get assisted with some degree of domestic work. Cleaning and washing and preparation of meals for dinner and lunch would also become easier.

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Could the service be tailored as per the needs of the client?


Yes, absolutely. All our care plans are people centric and are developed to put the needs of the service users in the centre of things. Our care plans are never set in stone and acre continuously updated to factor your needs and changes.

Moreover, with a live-in carer, you’re not alone. You just don’t have a helping hand, but an excellent companion who is compassionate to see you improve your health and stay motivated to make progress.

In addition to it, the carer will also encourage access to the community when required. This allows you to socialise and benefit from the companionship of a live-in carer who is always eager to see people improve.

Get the freedom to tailor your care plans as per your specific needs.

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