Adult care provides assistance for adults in need of care who need to live safely and comfortably at home. Adult care is a type of in-home care service that aims to provide essential assistance to the elderly and other adults.

The aim of in-home Adult care is to make daily living easier and safer for the care recipient – for example, performing tasks such as personal care, grocery shopping, picking up medications, planning and preparing regular meals, performing light housekeeping duties, and offering medication.

As adults age, they often experience circumstances that can lead them to feel lonely or isolated. Whether the reason for it may be because of the children moving out, passing of a friend or spouse, or even limited mobility, Adults requiring care can lose those social interactions they had once enjoyed.

Passion Tree Care Services offers Adult care and companionship to provide emotional, as well as social support for service users.

Why Choose Passion Tree Care Services?

With Passion Tree Care Services, you get the most qualified carers, who are devoted to serving adults who have multiple care needs. We put our clients first and are intuitive to all their needs.

Ranging from numerous services we offer that include all the daily errands, meals, medical assistance, grooming, and so on. We also provide 24/7 in-home elderly care service to ensure that you’re served at your own home. We make sure the care plan is based on our elderly companion’s needs and preferences.

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Are Our Staff Trained Enough?

We have a very diverse team of carers. We have invested considerable time and resources in our staff, and we only recruit those who share the same vision as ours.

Values are everything to us at Passion Tree Care Services, and we only select the most responsible staff and carers who can both uphold our values and reflect their personality fit to our family culture.

We carefully monitor and train our staff. Apart from learning practical skills, we also monitor how well they interact with the service users and whether or not they form positive and supportive relationships with them. Our staff makes the best companions for the service users.

We support our staff and carers with ongoing feedback and training, and also continuously encourage them to progress into structured learning. Therefore, we make sure that our staff are well educated and trained, so they are able to take care of all your needs.

Our carers make a great companion for the elderly so that you no longer have to witness loneliness or isolation.

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What Other Services Do We offer?

We provide our service users with companionship and conversation so that they are not at risk of social isolation or loneliness. We make sure that families are able to spend more quality time together, by providing much-needed relief to family carers.

We also offer numerous facilities, ranging from everyday activities like laundry, grocery shopping, preparing meals, assisting in errands, to medical assistance as well. Along with elderly companionship care, we make sure our service user’s life is made simple.

We support meal preparation and feeding with respect to each elderly’s cultural and medical needs, as well as special diets.

As most adults companion care providers don’t include personal care, we make sure your personal needs are also being taken care of. We provide facilities that include showering, teeth cleaning, shaving, cream application, grooming, dressing, and much more!

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Can the care plan be designed with each adult’s needs and preferences?

We provide a very flexible elderly care plan. It will include a detailed description of the schedule and activities that the adults will undertake. Our aim is to fully address your needs. This is why we value our service users, as well as their preferences. Our clients always come first. Our adult companion care plan ensures that the needs and requirements are being catered first, and then a schedule and range of activities are planned.

We will make sure the adult moves at his/her own pace. A care plan that is designed in a rush does not necessarily benefit either of the parties. Our motivation is our client’s satisfaction.

Therefore, at Passion Tree Care Services, we believe in quality first. We keep the preferences of our service users a priority in our care planning and delivery process.

Will the care plan result in the adult becoming more dependent?

Dependency is a common misconception many have. Although we take care of most of our adults’ needs, we still believe in autonomy. We at Passion Tree Care Services, give full autonomy power to our clients. We aim to provide our adults with an environment that is collaborative, as well as a support system that decreases dependence. We encourage our adults to be more proactive as they can in their everyday lives.

What if You Are Not Able to Afford the Care Service?

We value our clients, and their satisfaction is our motivation. We are happy to work with our service users / family members to provide advice re: funding options. Oftentimes the funding depends on savings and assets, but the first place of call is usually a financial assessment by an Adult social worker from the council.

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