Wed 31, 2019

5 Things You Should Never Say to Any Retired Person (EVER!)

Retirement can be extremely difficult especially for those who love their job. Many times this sudden change results in disappointment and anxiety for a retiree. This is where the behavior of other people particularly friends and family come in to action. Ideally, one should never say these things to someone who’s already coping up with the post-retirement depression:

What are your future plans?

One of the most depressing things about retirement is that the person generally doesn’t know about what he or she will do next once they leave their job. Asking about future goals and objectives can annoy that person and will obviously sound a bit harsh. Even if they know what they’re actually going to do, you should refrain from asking such personal questions. In many cases, these individuals prefer doing ‘nothing’ after serving 40 or more years in their respective industries and the idea of staying idle can be pretty tempting for them.

Were you forced out of a job?

The issue with this particular question is the presumption behind it. Let’s face it, we live in an era where age-based discrimination prevails. People in their post 50s usually have to deal with difficulties getting a new job. Also, when it comes to downsizing, the most experienced employees are likely the ones who are shown the exit door. In certain cases, it clearly becomes the appropriate time to quit, and yes, the newly retired individuals can easily be offended by this question.

So, you can finally have more time to spend with your grandchildren!

This is yet another weird assumption. Not all families follow the similar dynamics as yours and you have to understand this basic difference ahead of asking any pointless question. In certain cases, grown-up grandchildren don’t welcome their grandparent’s interruption. Similarly, some grandparents are not willing to look after their grandchildren at all. Also, young retirees have some other plans in mind, for instance, they’re looking forward to starting their own small startup. So, don’t presume that anyone who’s no longer needed to go to an office would cheerfully accept the babysitting job.

Is your house listed for sale?

If you think that a person who has just retired will list his or her house immediately for sale, then you seriously need to reconsider your approach. Today, retirees are more focused and goal-oriented than ever before. They know what exactly they will do with their wealth after their retirement. So better keep your assumptions to yourself unless you really want to get punched right into your face.

Do you hold sufficient money to bear your expenses now?

Ugh! Another disturbing question. Asking someone about their current financial status is downright disgusting and repugnant. Unless you have plans to lend some loan, it would be a great idea to mind your own business.

One advice – don’t be nosy. It’s not about how well you should communicate with the retiring people, there are codes of behavior you should follow while having interactions with any age group. Just wish them a luck and move forward…